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I Live

Hmm... I have a tendency to say that a lot, don't I?

Yeah. I do.

Nevertheless, I do live. I am going to a party tonight. I have a job. I have some new fandoms. I have some new friends. I am out of my depressed funk. All in all, life is good.

I will share more later, but for now, FF_Land is moving over here, so I will be here more. :D

Project SR

Title: Project SR
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Tony, Steve, Thor, Loki, Clint, Bruce, Coulson, Natasha, JARVIS, OFC
Relationships: Tony/Pepper, Steve&Tony, Clint/Bruce
Rating: T
Summary: Steve and Tony never thought they would have children. It never occurred to them they would have one together. Though in all honesty, it didn't matter how creepy it was, this was the the most probable way of it happening. They only had one question. Why did their kid have to be a villain?
*Not a Mpreg story, don't worry*

Chapter 1 & 2 are complete.

I live

So... this past 6 months have sort of been hell. But I am alive now, so...

My goals!:
1) Get a job
2) Save up money, so I can get actors training and accept the audition spot at the talent agency. (Without the training, I will fail my audition.)
3) Write more. Both original and fanfiction.
4) Pay off my medical bills

All in, mostly, that order.

It is good to be alive again.

CD albums I need to buy

-All of Maroon 5 (maybe not some of the earlier stuff, depends.
-All of Adam Lambert
-Some Gaga
-The Final Fantasy OST's
-Kelly Clarckson's new album
And so many others I cannot name.

My god. I love music. I am going to be deprived on the 6-8 hour flighy to D.C. of any sort of music. This needs to be fixed.

More mops and buckets

Hey Ya'll,

I feel like I've been neglecting the world, but it's just too hot to go outside and find internet. Good news, I'm going to visit my parents soon and they have internet, so I will be able to be on more then. Then I'm going to Washington D.C.! I am so excited to see the museums and of course to see my fabulous Aunt Nyree! I miss spending my summers with her.

So good news: I braved the heat to check up on everyone and hopefully stop slacking in my minigames duties.
Bad news: It's still another week before I consistently have internet.
Good news: I will have internet soon!

Writing FTW!

Almost done with my first Areyougame prompt, but this post is more just to inform you all that I am moving back to the east side of Washington to my new apartment where I have no internet. I am looking for a job, so that I can hurry and get internet, but it's slow and difficult if I am 2 hours away. So that being said, my LJ and DW activity will be much much lower.

I will get on at least once a day, hopefully more, and just steal my friends internet connection for a while. He is like a puppy who wants to be loved all the time. I don't think he'll care that half of the reason I am over at his house is for internet and cable.

Worse comes to worse I will bribe him with food. Best way to a man's heart, neh?

Are you game July 2012

Oh boy... 11 prompts... But they were such good prompts! And there wasn't enough Final Fantasy fics last time around, so I need to just fill all the stuff that I can. (Given that I get the prompts I claimed.)

So much love. :D

2 VIII prompts
4 VI Prompts
1 VII Prompt
1 X Prompt
1 XII Prompt
2 XIII Prompts

So much love. Expect lots of fic from me in July.

Final Number 1

Logic Final. 50% of grade. 2 hours. 1 hour on just three proofs. 5 points extra credit. Brain dead.

Owie. Owie.

Need something. IDEK!!!!!!!

fjkdlasfjkdf kajdfkla kfjads kjadnc alkdjfow wef a fjda................

I feel a tiny bit better.

Can you say Angst?

Wow. I get a writing streak and it turns out to be Terra. I'm not sure how to even justify this one.

Title: Moribund
Summary: Terra is the only one left. Right?
Character/Pairings: Terra; slight mentions of the cast and Terra/Edgar
Word count: 290
Rating/Warnings: T. Angst.

Ghosts. Echoes. Memories. All that is left.Collapse )

Ready (fic)

Title: Ready
Fandom: FFVI
Pairing: Terra/Edgar
Characters: Terra, Edgar
Rating: G

Are you ready?Collapse )


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